ABOUT I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet

The fourth book in the preschoolers' series, I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet, helps uninterested, resistant, and fearful children be successfully toilet trained.

I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet
By B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist

Illustrated by Nina Ollikainen, M.D.

48 Pages, full color illustrations, 8x10” paperbound

Price: $9.95
Published by Perfecting Parenting Press

For many parents and children, toilet training is a challenging process. Children can be resistant and maybe fearful. Parents can get very frustrated with the lack of progress and children can be very discouraged.

Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist has guided hundreds of families through their children's toilet training refusals. She captures the way children have been successful in the two stories she has written -- one on peeing and one on pooping. The first story is Going Peepee. Katie's parents say it's time to start going peepee in the toilet, but Katie doesn't want to stop playing to go. She has lots of accidents. With creative guidance from her parents, Katie starts to see all the advantages and decides she will go peepee every time in the toilet. In the second story, Going Poop, Ben doesn't like pooping in the toilet. He doesn't like the way his poop feels coming out. He figures that he can tighten his bottom every time and hopes to never have a poop again. But when it has to come out, he gets scared. His parents help him become brave enough to overcome his reluctance and be successful.

In addition, Dr. Rothenberg has provided a parenting guidance section that includes expert and insightful guidance on when and how to toilet-train your preschooler. It explains what is the child's view of toilet training. Learn the most age-appropriate tools to motivate youngsters who are uninterested, reluctant, and fearful. Specific advice shows parents how to help children with frequent peeing accidents and children who are resistant to pooping in the toilet. This manual will clear up conflicting advice, provide useful insights, and teach you the skills to guide reluctant youngsters toward toileting success. The parents' section includes many real-life examples that captures the common issues that most readers have.

This 48 page book is illustrated in a warm and colorful style by Nina Ollikainen, M.D. The book begins with "what's in this book for children and parents" and ends with a two-page summary of the takeaways from the parents section.

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