“Dr. Annye Rothenberg has done it again. She has created a colorful, engaging story about an eight-year-old boy who is used to ruling the roost. She guides parents to adopt a less permissive and more leader-like approach to child-rearing, and at the same time, teaches children that households are calmer and happier when parents are in charge. Parents who struggle with getting their child to behave appropriately will find valuable words of wisdom from this experienced child psychologist.

Mary Ann Zetes, M.D.
Pediatrician and parent, Altos Pediatrics, Los Altos, CA

Dr. Rothenberg's “Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?” was an eye-opener for me. Finding a happy medium where parents can empower their children to be independent and make age-appropriate choices without spoiling them on one hand or micromanaging them on the other hand is key to raising happy, well-adjusted kids. I found the examples in the parents' handbook extremely helpful in understanding that balance and in applying it to my own situation. I strongly recommend this book for parents with kids especially in grades K-3.

Lama Nachman

Mother of a seven-year-old boy and research scientist, San Francisco, CA

“As a clinical psychologist, I find that many parents are struggling with a child who behaves as if he is the decision-maker for both himself and the household. Dr. Rothenberg provides an insightful and practical approach, using techniques that work to tackle this frequent challenge. Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me? effectively helps children to understand the appropriate balance of responsibility and to accept parental authority through an enjoyable story they can relate to. The parent section offers a wealth of information regarding age-appropriate expectations and invaluable techniques for successful parenting. It is an essential guide for every parent of children from kindergarten through third grade.

Lorita L. Bank, Ph.D.
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist, parent, and board member, San Mateo County Psychological Association, San Mateo, CA

This new guidebook by Dr. Annye Rothenberg combines a great children's story with the practical, thorough, and systematic advice section for parents that we have come to love about Dr. Rothenberg's books. This one focuses on the steps that teach children how to accept their parents' leadership role in the family – using a compassionate and respectful parenting approach. Our son and our family have benefited greatly from the book, and I recommend it to any parent who is in search of a sensible, non-dogmatic guide that will help them in their everyday life with their child.

Evelyn Wildgans
Mother of a six-year-old boy and schoolteacher, Cupertino, CA

This book by Dr. Rothenberg does an excellent job of guiding parents and children about the difficult issue of who is the “boss” in the family. She explains the why and how so parents learn the ways to resolve these difficulties. The story for children helps them understand why the parents have to lead. The book is a valuable resource. I recommend it for parents and teacher as well as for pediatricians, child psychologists, and psychiatrists. It helps professionals explain their reasoning behind the advice they give as well as the specifics of the advice.”

Elizabeth A. Herb, M.D.

Child Psychiatrist, Palo Alto, CA, and Clinical Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine


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