I Want To Make Friends is a wonderfully written and much-needed resource. As she does in her previous four books, Dr. Rothenberg includes a practical parents’ guide as well as an engagingly illustrated story for children that shows what a child has to do to become a good friend. Parents will learn how a child’s personality and experiences shape his or her social skills. The valuable suggestions and concrete examples for parents will be effective as they help their children develop friendships. This is a well- thought-out book on a topic of frequent concern. I’m eager to recommend it to my patients and their families.

Eileen Chan, MD
Pediatrician, parent, and Co-Founder, Pediatric Wellness Group, Redwood City, CA

I Want To Make Friends is a must-read for parents, teachers, and everyone who works with young children. The excellent children’s story depicts real social situations at school and home. All children will relate to what happens in the story and will learn from it. The comprehensive parents’ section provides outstanding suggestions to help children learn to be a good friend and also to deal with the most common peer problems. What I appreciate most is that the book gives parents specific language to use with children so they can apply the concepts confidently and immediately. I will regularly recommend this outstanding resource to parents and teachers. Thank you, Dr. Rothenberg, for another insightful and practical book.

Pauline Warren, MA, LMFT
Lower School Counselor, The Harker School, San Jose, CA

Dr. Rothenberg has made an important contribution to developing friendships with I Want To Make Friends, her fifth book in her young child and parents’ series. In this book, she provides a story for youngsters that skillfully teaches them how to be a better friend. The practical and valuable parents’ guide shows how to teach children basic peer skills as well as how to overcome their struggles in forming friendships. I highly recommend this book to parents and their young children as well as to all preschool and kindergarten teachers.”

Karina Garcia-Barbera, PhD
Director, Beresford Montessori Preschools, San Mateo and Redwood City, CA; and a parent

Kindergarten teachers wish that more children began elementary school with better social skills, because these are so important for success in kindergarten and beyond. But many parents are uncertain about how to teach their child to be a good friend. Dr. Rothenberg has once again come to the rescue of parents and children. The children’s story is fascinating and realistic. The parents’ section explains how to teach youngsters the basic social skills as well as how to deal with peer problems. The book will give parents the words and the confidence to help their children become socially skilled. Children and parents will both want to read their sections of this book over and over.”

Mary Kay Stranik, MS
Parenting Program Consultant and a parent and grandparent, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Annye Rothenberg has done it again – clearly helping parents and children understand what gets in the way when building peer relationships and what works. In the story, children can see from the words and expressive illustrations how their behavior impacts others and how parents stepping in to help in a specific way can make a difference. The parents’ guide thoroughly explains the reasons for these difficulties, along with detailed descriptions of how to respond, both preventively and as the situations arise. This is a true gem in the parenting and young child literature.”

Linda Stewart, PhD, LMFT
Young child and family therapist and a parent, Menlo Park, CA


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