“In this fourth book of her parenting series, Dr. Rothenberg tackles toilet training. As always, she does this with sound practical advice and a dose of good humor. This book is valuable because Dr. Rothenberg couples developmentally appropriate principles with practical tools. Among the many guides for toilet training, this book is unique because it sets the stage for cooperation between kids and parents through its two engaging children’s stories (peeing and pooping). The parents’ section provides a treasure trove of advice for what to expect, what to say, and what to do to make the process not only more fun, but also more likely to succeed.”

Mary Ann Carmack, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair, Pediatrics Department, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Rothenberg has written an outstanding, practical and hopeful book on the toileting process. The tone of the book is both empathetic and explanatory. In addition to the guidance section addressed to the parents, this book contains two very useful and enjoyable stories – that will motivate young children’s success while providing them with much reassurance. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Rothenberg’s very thoughtful and helpful book to young children and parents as well as to pediatricians, child psychologists, and child psychiatrists.”

Elizabeth A. Herb, M.D.
Child Psychiatrist, Palo Alto, CA, and Clinical Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine


“It is great to have age-appropriate techniques for toilet-training taught by a psychologist and author who has so much experience successfully dealing with typical young children who learn in so many different ways. Dr. Rothenberg gives us an easy-to-follow guide for parents, along with two stories for preschoolers that effectively teach both at the same time.”

Jelena Vukicevic, M.D.
Welch Road Pediatric Medical Group, Palo Alto, CA


“After 35 years of experience, we have seen firsthand how difficult and challenging toilet-training can be for many children, their parents, and their preschools. The content of the stories for the children and the superb advice for the parents in this all-in-one book provides a comprehensive approach to dealing effectively and positively with what can be a daunting task. Dr. Rothenberg’s excellent insight gives preschoolers and preschool teachers practical and creative tools for success.

Brenda Roberts, Owner and Elisa Barrett, Director
The Roberts School, Menlo Park, CA


The unique combination of a fun and engaging storybook for children and a well-researched and detailed guide for the parents is what appealed to me the most! I made full use of the book as we were going through potty-training issues at home, and it was very valuable in successfully resolving them. Thank you, Dr. Annye!”

Monica Dani, Vice President
Fremont-Union City-Newark (CA) Mothers Club and mother of a 3-year-old


“Dr. Rothenberg has written a useful, practical, and realistic book for parents and young children dealing with the often-challenging issue of toilet training.”

Jenny Jordan, Interim Head Librarian
Palo Alto Children’s Library, Palo Alto, CA

“In Dr. Rothenberg’s newest book for young children and their parents, she has taken a mysterious process facing parents and their children and turned it into a loving, empathetic step-by-step process for both. Just reading the book will educate the preschoolers and let parents sleep better at night because there is a plan. Masterful! Fabulous work!

Mary Kay Stranik, M.S.
Family Program Consultant, Minneapolis, MN


“Dr. Rothenberg has done it again. I Don’t Want To Go To The Toilet is a practical guide for parents managing a milestone in their child’s development. Her down-to-earth toilet training stories are developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, and her advice to parents in this sometimes trying stage of their child’s life is both strategic and reassuring. Well done

Dianne Thomas, M.A
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, San Mateo, CA


“Dr. Rothenberg skillfully illustrates the challenges surrounding toilet-training and identifies effective and creative parenting tools to successfully toilet-train. The children’s stories about peeing and pooping were fascinating to our son, and this entire book was instrumental in toilet-training him.”

Alissa Kempton
Family law attorney and parent of two children, ages 4 years and 20 months, Menlo Park, CA


“This book is a very sensible, pragmatic manual for parents about a common problem in my pediatric G-I practice. Its stories for young children will really help them understand and accept toilet-training.

Marjorie F. McCracken, M.D., Ph.D.
Pediatric Gastroenterologist, San Jose, CA


“This excellent and very positive toilet training book guides parents in a practical and straightforward way while teaching empathy and understanding for the child. We strongly recommend this book for parents and for their young children.

Marianne and Marty Allen
Parents of two girls, 5 and 7 years old, San Mateo, CA


Anyone encountering potty training should own Dr. Rothenberg’s latest book. Potty training can be a very challenging task. She provides techniques to create a positive potty training experience for the child, the parents, and the caregivers. I have implemented Dr. Rothenberg’s strategies in my classroom with huge success. This book is a must-have for parents and caregivers. And the two children’s stories will be fun and educational for any child going through potty training”.

Crystal Christenson, Junior Preschool Head Teacher
Children’s Creative Learning Centers at Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA



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