“Annye Rothenberg again demonstrates a keen understanding of a child’s motivation – this time, how hard it is for little ones to obey rules they may not understand. In a simple story, she creates everyday situations that challenge the patience of a precocious preschooler, yet ultimately demonstrate the importance of setting limits in a thoughtful, loving way. “Like Mommy and Daddy are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They?, Rothenberg’s latest children’s book is paired with a useful parents’ manual that gives insightful techniques to help children understand rules and limits. Her books are some of the closest things to a User’s Manual for parents out there!”

Peggy Spear
Editor, Bay Area Parent Magazine

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! As so many families of young children are seeking credible guidance, advice, and solutions for those everyday parenting challenges, Dr. Rothenberg’s book is truly inspiring … a rich, practical, and well-conceived approach to teaching children and parents how to solve the ‘growing pains’ of their day-to-day relationships. A magnificent how-to approach!”

David W. Willis, MD, FAAP, Behavioral-Developmental Pediatrician
Director, Northwest Early Childhood Institute, Portland OR

“This book shows Dr. Rothenberg’s strength and skills in understanding the preschool child and her parents. It has a very good story to read to children. The parent guide is terrific and will save you reading a mountain of other parenting books.”

Marcia Schwartz, PhD
Psychologist and parent of young children, San Mateo, CA

“Finally, some effective, true and tested parenting tools in a concise book perfect for busy parents! It allowed us to improve cooperation from our children and bring back the fun into our parenting.”

Béatrice and Claude Boselli
Parents of three children (ages 3, 5 and 7)

Why Do I Have To? is more than a how-to book. Dr. Rothenberg uses her extensive background of working with families to share the complexities of the preschool child while providing so many jewels of information for parents and for parent educators.”

Mary Kay Stranik, MS
Family Program Consultant, Minneapolis, MN

“Dr. Rothenberg’s unique understanding of children and parents has led to these very special books. The charming story will help children develop a better understanding of rules and therefore lead to the development of cooperation and responsibility. This wonderful book also includes guidelines that give parents the tools needed for positive child-rearing. I recommend these books not only to parents, but to anyone who works with children.”

Karina Garcia-Barbera, PhD
Director, Beresford Montessori Schools,  San Mateo and Redwood City, CA 

“At last, a book that is easy to read, understand and implement on helping preschoolers cooperate. You can expect the results to be successful.”

Julie M. Soto, MS
Director, Parent Education/Early Learning
Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA

“We have used the creative strategies in this book to get our five-year-old back on track with her friends and family, and for that we are eternally grateful. Having this tool in our home library has been an important key to our family’s happiness.”

Brooke and Glen Kernick
Parents of two children, ages 5 and 7

“This attractive book provides an entertaining story for children and valuable insights for parents. Preschool teachers will also find this very useful.”

Karen DeBord, PhD
Professor & Extension Specialist, Child Development
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

“Using many examples of everyday parent-child emotional upheavals, Annye Rothenberg shows us how to transform times of irritation to times of opportunity for problem-solving. This book is a great resource for preschoolers, their parents, and preschool teachers.”

Sandi Snider
Director, Ladera Community Church Preschool, Portola Valley, CA

“Dr. Rothenberg has given us a new way to understand and interpret the behavior of our preschool daughter. The parenting recommendations are clear and effective. Our daughter is more cooperative and happier, and is thriving. And our family is growing closer as a result. Thank you!”

Janet and James Wong
Parents of two children (ages 1½ and 4)

“This book is particularly valuable because Dr. Rothenberg not only helps us understand what overarching principles should guide consistent decision-making by parents; she also couples these with specific strategies for improving a child’s cooperation. Readers will gain valuable insights into what strategies do and don’t work well with preschoolers – and why.”

Mary Ann Carmack, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Palo Alto (CA) Medical Clinic

Perfecting Parenting Press 2015