TESTIMONIALS ABOUT THE BOOK: Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes... Aren't They?

“This is one book that could change your life. This unique children’s story and the parents’ guide teach a strong, respectful approach that is neither too permissive nor too controlling. Preschoolers will thrive with this kind of direction from the adults in their lives – and everyone will be the happier for it.”

Alan Greene, MD, FAAP
Pediatrician; Clinical Faculty, Stanford University School of Medicine;
founder, drgreene.com


“For years, Dr. Annye Rothenberg has been a wise and treasured resource in our San Francisco Peninsula region to the many families she has counseled as well as to the guidance professionals whom she mentors. Dr. Rothenberg effectively demystifies the art of setting healthy limits for preschoolers. By beginning with a delightful and colorfully illustrated story for preschoolers, she finds a clever and lighthearted way to guide children to the realization of why they can’t always have their way. Dr. Rothenberg’s Parents’ Guide furnishes the essential foundation so that parents can learn to practice reasonable limit-setting that enables children to become the competent, lovable, and responsible beings that we want them to be. This is a marvelous book that I highly recommend. I am delighted that her wisdom and experience will now be shared with a broader audience.”

Mary Ann Carmack, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Palo Alto (CA) Medical Clinic


“Dr. Rothenberg says in the parents’ guide of Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They? that ‘parents want their children to feel respected and important. So it’s hard to know where to draw the line.’ This delightful children’s book clearly illustrates, from a child’s perspective, why a parent saying no is sometimes the quickest way to true self-esteem. In the course of a day, young Alex learns that being ‘in charge’ means making hard decisions, and that sometimes his ‘wants’ are not really the best things for him and his family. The handy parents’ guide following the story – full of easy-to-read useful information and short case studies – underscores the simple but important message: Mommy and Daddy aren’t always supposed to say yes.”

Peggy Spear

Editor, Bay Area Parent magazine


“Annye Rothenberg’s knowledge, experience, and philosophy are captured in this unique children’s book and parents’ guide. The entertaining children’s book offers a new perspective, and the parents’ guide contains the needed help in setting limits and teaching values. Both will have a very useful impact on family functioning.”

Linda Lisi Juergens
Executive Director, National Association of Mothers’ Centers, Levittown, NY


“ ‘Amen,’ I say after reading Annye Rothenberg’s children’s story and parents’ guide. This work will strengthen the self-esteem of both parent and child. Both parents will be fortified by understanding their job with greater clarity and wisdom, and the child will see the parents as credible, strong, and loving guides.”

Carol Kaplan-Lyss, M.A.T.
Parenting educator and counselor, Family Center, Clayton, MO


“This book is a wonderful resource for families and caregivers of young children. What young child doesn’t wish for parents who respond positively to his/her demands and desires? The parents’ guide provides practical strategies for adults to be respectful of the child’s developmental level and responsive to his/her needs, while establishing appropriate expectations and limits. A very enjoyable book.”

Elizabeth Stillwell, MEd
Director, Early Childhood Center at Cornell University


“In this fun and engaging story and in the guide for parents, Dr. Rothenberg helps us understand young children and sort out what is important for them to learn. She gives us practical, helpful, and respectful ways to teach preschoolers lessons they need to get along well with their family and friends, as well as in school and in life. Anyone who spends time with preschoolers will greatly enjoy using this book.”

Minalee Saks
Executive Director of Birth to Three/Parenting Now!, Eugene, OR, 
and author of “Make Parenting a Pleasure”


“Reading Dr. Annye Rothenberg’s thoughtful and practical book is truly a pleasure. The children’s story, beautifully illustrated by Marion Eldridge, encourages dialog between parent and child. The parents’ guide focuses on reasonable expectations for preschoolers and how to improve parenting skills.”

Elizabeth A. Herb, MD
Child Psychiatrist, Palo Alto, CA; Clinical Associate Professor Emerita, Stanford University School of Medicine


“Dr. Rothenberg’s book gives parents tangible skills and effective tools to address the often difficult issues of a demanding child. Her approach explains the important aspects of a child’s emotional and psychological development that can often lead a parent into the pitfalls of giving in to a demanding child. Dr. Rothenberg provides the guidelines necessary to change these problematic behaviors.”

Matthew Dougherty, MD

Co-chief resident, Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine 

 “This colorful and engaging story will give preschoolers (and their parents) a chuckle and a solid set of tools for developing high self-esteem, responsibility, and empathy. It’s a wonderful book, and it’s going to be of great help to families.”

 Peggy Rathmann
Caldecott Medal-winning children’s book author and illustrator

“If you’re tired, frustrated, and at your wits’ end over a preschooler who throws tantrums, ignores you, interrupts, and otherwise threatens your sanity, you need this book! Dr. Rothenberg’s practical advice enabled us to transform our cranky, fitful four-year-old into a confident, loving child.”

Jessie and Andy Chan
Parents of three children (ages four, eight and 13)


This is a fantastic book for parents and their children. The fun pictures and lively dialogue will appeal to kids, while the parenting section gives concrete ideas for effective limit-setting with preschoolers. Especially helpful for parents are the tools for negotiating differences in parenting styles and working as a team. The real-life examples offer vivid evidence for why boundaries are desirable and how to go about setting them.”

Drew and Lisa Guevara
Parents of an exceptionally strong-willed four-year-old and a one-year-old


“As someone who was raised by an authoritarian parent who rarely said yes, Dr. Rothenberg’s book has provided me with helpful and concise tips on how to avoid swinging to the opposite side and becoming over-permissive. I found the book a helpful guide for weathering the parenting journey, with a novel focus on the fact that too much choice can actually damage a young child’s self-esteem.”

Jennifer Brown

Parent of a three-year-old and a five-year-old


“My 4-year-old and I laughed as we read about Alex’s adventures. My son wanted to read it again after the first time! Many of the conversations between Alex and his parents exactly mirrored our own. This is an engaging and valuable reminder that there are multiple opportunities every day for parents to teach their preschoolers about empathy and age-appropriate self-control. Dr. Rothenberg’s experience and expertise are reflected in her concise and insightful guidelines for parents, which are easy to remember and reinforce.”

Carol Hsu
Parent of preschoolers, ages two and four


“This book’s unique format teaches parents and children alike why the balance of discipline and control with mutual love and respect are essential to the development of a well-rounded, well-adjusted child. This concise and complete guide should be required reading by any parent who wishes to foster a healthy and happy family.”

Suzanne M. Einsiedl, R.N., M.S.N.
Pediatric nurse practitioner and mother of three


Dr. Rothenberg’s book fills a great gap in library collections. In an engaging style, it gives insight for both children and their parents on dealing with the common issue of ‘having it my way’.”

Melinda Wing
Head Librarian, Palo Alto (CA) Children’s Library


“This book is a great resource for children, parents and educators. The intriguing title, relevant story and bright pictures will catch a child’s interest, and the parents’ guide enhances the story with “why” and “how” information that can be used immediately.”

Dennis Ronberg
Owner, Linden Tree Children’s Books, Los Altos, CA


“This is exactly the type of children’s book I’ve been waiting for! As a preschool director, I often recommend children’s books to parents, especially books that help in setting limits or touch upon the challenges of parenting. Dr. Rothenberg has given parents an exceptional tool to use with their children that includes a fantastic parenting guide. This is a book that as a preschool director I will recommend to all my parents.”

Marlene Coe

Director, Playschool, Redwood City, CA


“This is a delightful book for preschoolers, parents, and teachers to read. This precious story and its charming illustrations teach children a lesson that any parent would like them to learn. The parents’ section is an extremely appealing and easy-to-read guide offering parents a tool for the successful upbringing of their children.”

Karina Garcia-Barbera, PhD
Director, Beresford Montessori, San Mateo, CA, and parent

“What an enjoyable book for parents and preschool educators! The delightful story line and illustrations emphasize the importance of building a child’s self-esteem while teaching age-appropriate behavior. It’s a great book to read with young children.”

Mary Ornellas
Director, St. Matthias Preschool, Redwood City, CA


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