F.A.Q. - I Want To Make Friends

Who is this book for? Young children who are 3 to 6 years old and their parents.

What’s unique about this book? It is for parents who are helping their children develop good peer skills. It teaches both kids and parents about making friends. It teaches parents what to do when their kids are bossy, annoying or aggressive or quiet, self-conscious, or thin-skinned. It is rare to find a book that helps children and their parents know how to deal with these problems.

What is the children’s story about?
It tells about a child who thinks his ideas are better than everyone else's. He learns why that bothers the kids and what he has to change to have friends.

What is the parent guidance section about?
It guides parents (and grandparents) through the entire process of teaching their children to build successful friendships as well as deal with peer problems along the way.


Is this book useful for anyone else? Yes. It is of enormous practical use to pediatricians, preschool and Kindergarten teachers, parent educators, mental health professionals, and others who guide parents and children. Its cutting-edge advice will enhance the knowledge of professionals, giving them very practical tools to use in working with parents and young children.

What are the author’s qualifications?
Dr. Annye Rothenberg is a child/parent psychologist with over 25 years’ experience working with typical young children and their parents – providing child-rearing guidance. She has guided hundreds of families to help their children be successful at developing friendships. She is also an adjunct clinical assistant  professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine.

How many pages, and is it paperback or hardcover?
It is a 48-page quality paperback book, 8x10”, beautifully and colorfully illustrated by Bonnie Bright.

When was it first published?
March 2012.

Is the next book in the series available yet?
The next book, I Getting Ready for Kindergarten,  is now available.


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