PRESS ROOM - Why are Parents Confused?

Too many conflicting theories of parenting – in books … on the Internet … from friends and family – are confusing and frustrating parents. Parents are unsure about their parenting. They want to raise happy children with high self-esteem, but they wonder why even their young children are becoming spoiled, self-centered, disrespectful – even angry. Why are teachers and pediatricians complaining about how young children are behaving? What’s creating these problems?

What are the keys to this dilemma?

  • Parents only have partial information on how to build young children’s self-esteem. They’re missing the critical information to do it right.
  • Parents don’t understand how much to expect of young children, and don’t comprehend how differently young children think from older children and adults.
  • Parents feel that their child’s views are just as important as theirs. But in reality, parents know better than their children.
  • Parents feel that their child’s feelings are important and theirs aren’t.
  • Parents don’t know what rules to have and how to deal with their children’s limit-testing and resistance. Its very different for preschoolers than for elementary school kids.
  • Parents don’t know how to determine what a child has learned at the end of a difficult incident between them and their child.

B. Annye Rothenberg is a child/parent psychologist specializing in parenting issues of typical families with children from infancy through age ten. Her books help parents cope with these quandaries. They teach children and their parents in groundbreaking two-section books that are receiving rave reviews from parents and professionals. Dr. Rothenberg’s psychology practice is in Emerald Hills, CA (San Francisco Peninsula), and she is on the adjunct faculty in Pediatrics of Stanford University School of Medicine. She is a mother and author of Parentmaking and other textbooks for family guidance professionals. She guides parents and also teaches pediatricians and other professionals how to give child-rearing guidance to families. Available now are the six books in her series for preschoolers and their parents (including Mommy And Daddy Are Always Supposed To Say Yes...Arent' They?, Why Do I Have To?, I Like To Eat Treats, I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet, I Want to Make Friends and I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten) and the first book in her new series for elementary school kids and their parents, Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?. She can be reached at (650) 364-4466.

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