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Groundbreaking books that provide clarity for parents and solid direction for raising young children

Parents have been encouraged to make building their child’s self-esteem their number-one goal, and most do that by giving children – even toddlers – a lot of choice and “say.” However, many parents who have adopted this approach find their children becoming self-centered, spoiled, and less respectful of adults and other children.

When children ignore, refuse, and negotiate – almost relentlessly unless things go their way – it’s hard for parents to be happy with them. Many parents feel baffled and rudderless. Teachers and pediatricians are concerned as well. Why is there such an epidemic of worrisome and unacceptable behavior and what can be done about it?

Dr. Annye Rothenberg, noted child/parent psychologist and a mother herself, provides the solution in her new books Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They?  and Why Do I Have To? – with a unique format offering a section for young children and a section for parents. Dr. Rothenberg’s books show parents and preschoolers that giving children too much choice and control at an early age does not increase children’s self-esteem and happiness – instead, it backfires.. Her books focus on this critical early age, before problem behavior patterns are ingrained. Dr. Rothenberg shows how children can learn to accept their parents’ decision-making and leadership role as an essential foundation for developing high self-esteem … all within an atmosphere that shows age-appropriate respect for the children.

Dr. Rothenberg, who is an adjunct faculty member in Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, is considered one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading experts in typical young child and parent development and behavior, and is a partner to many pediatricians and preschool teachers in their work with families.

Dr. Rothenberg has counseled 2,000 typical families just in the past 15 years, primarily families with preschoolers. Her home and school visits provide her with a unique insight into children and families. She knows that 90% of those families have followed the current popular parenting guidance. Parents she has guided report that she has helped them correct their children’s behavior and get their family back on track. In these two books, she shares her wisdom and experience.

Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They? and Why Do I Have To? are unique books. Their parents’ sections clear up confusion and give clear, concise, and practical advice to set parents (and grandparents) on a proven course using real-life examples that really help parents and professionals understand how preschoolers think. Readers will also learn age-appropriate rules for young children, how to effectively deal with child-rearing differences with their spouse, and how to tell if their child is really learning what they want him to as each parent-child dispute comes to an end. Why Do I Have To? helps parents get better cooperation from their young children through communicating effectively with them and using many new and more-effective consequences. This approach will increase parents’ confidence and success and help children listen better to parents, handle frustration, develop more empathy, and be less demanding and angry. These guides provide a wealth of important nuggets and sensible advice.

The stories for preschoolers  are told with humor and warmth, enabling preschoolers to see things differently. Children learn that even when Mommy and Daddy say no and have to set rules, they still love them … a lot. These are lessons parents want children to learn.

Dr. Rothenberg’s work is built on her 25 years of experience providing individual counseling to families, teaching parenting classes; and teaching pediatricians and preschool teachers.

Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They? and Why Do I Have To? are also valuable for pediatricians, preschool teachers, mental health professionals, and others who work with young children and their families. The cutting-edge advice will enhance the knowledge of professionals, giving them very practical tools to use in working with parents and young children. These books are already receiving enthusiastic reviews from parents and professionals, such as Dr. Alan Greene, pediatrician, clinical faculty at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and founder,, who says:

 “These are two books that could change your life. The unique children’s stories and parents’ manuals teach a strong, respectful approach that is neither too permissive nor too controlling. Preschoolers will thrive with this kind of direction from the adults in their lives – and everyone will be the happier for it.”


Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They?
First edition, 40 pages, full color illustrations, 8”x10” quality paperback.
ISBN 978-0-9790420-0-3
LC 2006039002
Publication date: June 2007


Why Do I Have To?
First edition, 40 pages, full color illustrations, 8”x10” quality paperback.
ISBN 978-0-9790420-1-0
LC 2008028425
Publication date: January 2009
Publisher: Perfecting Parenting Press

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