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    Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?

What to Do When Elementary School Kids Expect to Have Their Way...All the Time

Parents believe the elementary school years will be the easiest years in parenting. Then why, at this stage in development, do kids expect to have their way? Why don't they accept that parents are in charge? How come the kids are so disrespectful? What can parents do about this to avoid the frustration of putting up with it for another ten years? Even though it can be hard to admit that your family has this difficulty, in Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?, you will find the insight and help you need so your children accept you, the parents, as the leaders of the family.

This book has a story for children and a guidance section for parents. This all-in-one book, by Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., San Francisco Bay area Child/Parent Psychologist, teaches youngsters and parents. The book combines a realistic story for children with a comprehensive manual for parents. Dr. Rothenberg has successfully counseled hundreds of families whose children have these typical challenges outlined in this book. She shares the knowledge she has gained from more than 25 years of professional experience and from being a mother.

The children's story tells of a boy who believes he should decide what he gets to do. His parents have not realized how much they have been giving into him, but have seen how furious, defiant, and disrespectful he gets when they don't. The parents know this can't continue. How they guide him to understand and accept his role in the family is shown in a realistic, informative and empathetic story.

The parent guidance section explains what to expect of kindergarten to third graders, how much say to give them and why children won't do what we say. Parents will find out how to motivate their children without bribery and learn to apply new and better consequences. Parents will learn what tools to use to help children understand how much say they have in decision making and grow their problem solving abilities.

Parents will also gain more tools in dealing with particularly difficult issues such as learning to apologize, lying and getting homework done.

New insight into working with your parenting partner is explained. Through this book, you and your children will learn "why they can't be the boss!"

Dr. Rothenberg is one of the Bay Area's leading experts in parenting guidance, emphasizing children's development and behavior (babies to age 10). An adjunct clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, she is a frequent speaker to groups of parents, teachers and pediatricians. Her professional visits to families in their homes have helped her observe the variety of ways parents guide their children as well as the children's likely reactions, enabling her guidance to be especially individualized and effective.

Dr. Rothenberg is also the author of six all-in-one books in her parent/preschoolers series: Mommy And Daddy Are Always Supposed To Say Yes...Arent' They? (2007), Why Do I Have To? (2008), I Like To Eat Treats (2010), I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet (2011), I Want to Make Friends (2012) and I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten (2013). This book is the first in her parent/elementary school series.

Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?
First edition, 48 pages, full color illustrations, 8”x10” quality paperback.
ISBN 13: 978-0-9790420-6-5
LC 2014956537
Publication date: Sept 2015
Publisher: Perfecting Parenting Press

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