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Teaching Toileting: Helping Youngsters Who are Uninterested, Resistant, Fearful, and Even Angry

For many parents and children, toilet training is a challenging process. Children can be resistant and maybe fearful. Parents can get very frustrated with the lack of progress and children can be very discouraged. This unique book addresses the problems youngsters have in getting toilet trained.

Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist has guided hundreds of families through their children's toilet training refusals. She captures the way children have been successful in the two stories she has written -- one on peeing and one on pooping. The first story is Going Peepee. Katie's parents say it's time to start going peepee in the toilet, but Katie doesn't want to stop playing to go. She has lots of accidents. With creative guidance from her parents, Katie starts to see all the advantages and decides she will go peepee every time in the toilet. In the second story, Going Poop, Ben doesn't like pooping in the toilet. He doesn't like the way his poop feels coming out. He figures that he can tighten his bottom every time and hopes to never have a poop again. But when it has to come out, he gets scared. His parents help him become brave enough to overcome his reluctance and be successful.

In addition, Dr. Rothenberg has provided a parenting guidance section that includes expert and insightful guidance on when and how to toilet-train your preschooler. It explains what is the child's view of toilet training. Learn the most age-appropriate tools to motivate youngsters who are uninterested, reluctant, and fearful. Specific advice shows parents how to help children with frequent peeing accidents and children who are resistant to pooping in the toilet. This manual will clear up conflicting advice, provide useful insights, and teach you the skills to guide reluctant youngsters toward toileting success.

Dr. Rothenberg is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading experts in child  development and behavior. She has provided counseling to 2,000 families and is a frequent speaker to groups of pediatricians, parents, and teachers. Her professional visits to families in their homes have helped her observe the variety of ways parents guide their children as well as the children’s likely reactions. In her book, she shares this wisdom and experience.

Dr. Rothenberg is also the author of the first three books in this series, Mommy and Daddy are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They? (2007), Why Do I Have To? (2008), and I Like To Eat Treats (2010) (  The first book helps parents know how much choice and say to give their preschoolers, so children don’t become overly entitled, controlling and angry when they can’t have their way. The second book explains how young children think and how to get them to cooperate. It also explains the newest consequences for parents to use in guiding their young children. And the third book really educates and motivates young children to be excited about eating healthy food.

I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet provides guidance for preschoolers, kindergartners, parents, and grandparents – and is also valuable for preschool and kindergarten teachers, pediatricians, pediatric nurses, mental health professionals, and others who work with young children and their families. Its cutting-edge advice will enhance professionals’ knowledge, giving them practical tools to use in working with parents and young children.


I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet
First edition, 48 pages, full color illustrations, 8”x10” quality paperback.
ISBN 978-0-9790420-3-4
LC 2010940099
Publication date: March 2011
Publisher: Perfecting Parenting Press

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