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Teaching Young Children to Become Healthy Eaters: A New Book that Really Makes a Difference

We all know that eating and exercise habits affect children’s health, behavior, and confidence. No wonder parents feel responsible for teaching their children the most useful information about food and physical activity so they’ll have the best-quality life, now and in the future.

Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist, a specialist in the behavior and development of young children, has joined with several pediatric dietitians in writing I Like To Eat Treats, a story that combines what nutritionists want youngsters to learn about food with what psychologists know about young children’s thinking – to really motivate them to want to eat well. I Like To Eat Treats also includes a section for parents providing valuable guidelines on how much and what kinds of food young children should eat, how to get children to want to eat healthy foods, and much more.

The children’s story, with its colorful and playful illustrations, reaches young children just at the right age and will get them excited about eating healthier foods. It will help them accept where treats fit in – a message that most parents have found frustrating to get through to their kids. The children’s story is about Jack, who doesn’t see why he can’t eat whatever he wants. His parents decide it’s time for Jack to really learn all about healthy foods. As Jack and his parents shop for food for a special dinner, and talk about why they’re choosing certain foods, Jack starts to understand. He even learns why many other families don’t know enough about healthy food, and gets a chance to teach his best friend about healthy and treat food. This story, showing families from many ethnicities, will make a valuable impact on your young child’s understanding of nutrition in new ways that young children can remember – making healthy eating part of their view of the world. 

The parent section provides the latest information in a very practical way on the most common food questions:

  • How much and what should preschoolers and kindergartners eat?
  • How do we get children to eat the food that’s good for them?
  • How do we teach children to stay at the table and behave?
  • Do children need regular mealtimes? Regular snack times?
  • What are good rules for treats and snacks?
  • What about picky eaters – how do we get them to try new foods?
  • What can we do when young children mostly eat junk food?
  • How do we change the overeater’s habits?
  • How do we encourage our sedentary child to be more active?
  • How can we help prevent later health problems?

The parents’ section also includes many real-life examples and explains how to keep up with the latest nutrition information. It build parents’ knowledge, clears up confusion, and provides many sensible new tools for shifting the family into better eating and exercise patterns.

Dr. Rothenberg is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading experts in child  development and behavior. She has provided counseling to 2,000 families and is a frequent speaker to groups of pediatricians, parents, and teachers. Her professional visits to families in their homes have helped her observe the variety of ways parents guide their children as well as the children’s likely reactions. In her book, she shares this wisdom and experience.

Dr. Rothenberg is also the author of the first two books in this series, Mommy and Daddy are Always Supposed to Say Yes … Aren’t They? (2007) and Why Do I Have To? (2008) (  The first book helps parents know how much choice and say to give their preschoolers, so children don’t become overly entitled, controlling and angry when they can’t have their way. The second book explains how young children think and how to get them to cooperate. It also explains the newest consequences for parents to use in guiding their young children.

I Like To Eat Treats provides guidance for preschoolers, kindergartners, parents, and grandparents – and is also valuable for preschool and kindergarten teachers, pediatricians, pediatric nurses, dieticians, mental health professionals, and others who work with young children and their families. Its cutting-edge advice will enhance professionals’ knowledge, giving them practical tools to use in working with parents and young children.


I Like To Eat Treats
First edition, 48 pages, full color illustrations, 8”x10” quality paperback.
ISBN 978-0-9790420-2-7
LC 2009015058
Publication date: January 2010
Publisher: Perfecting Parenting Press

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